Airbrake logo guidelines

We’ve had some trouble with people butchering our little logo so we decided to put up the guidelines to help people work with it for promo posters and all that jazz. Also, you can download our source files, yay, freebies!

This is the primary logo to be used in the majority of marketing and promotional cases.

Airbrake logo

Download: airbrake-logo.svg or airbrake-logo.png

Colors used

  • Orange (#f58c54)
  • White (#fff)

Typeface used

  • Typeface used for ”A” in the icon is Museo 700
  • Typeface used for “” logotype is Museo 300

Only use orange logo with a white background

Don’t use our orange logo on any background other than white. If you must – put up an underlaying white rectangle in between. If that’s not possible, please use our white logo version but make sure that the “A” in the icon on the left is the same colour as your background. We can’t stress it enough.

Primary logo - white on orange

Airbrake logo - white on orange

Download: airbrake-logo-white-on-orange.svg or airbrake-logo-white-on-orange.png


Isotype can be used when there’s not enough space to fit the primary logo and shrinking it down results in unreadable text. If there’s not enough horizontal space, see vertical logo lockup.

Airbrake isotype

Download: airbrake-isotype.svg or airbrake-isotype.png

Sometimes a vertical composition is required but space allows for both isotype and logotype to be used. In this case it’s advised to use the vertical logo lockup.

Airbrake vertical logo

Download: airbrake-vertical-logo.svg or airbrake-vertical-logo.png

White on orange:

Airbrake vertical logo - white on orange

Download: airbrake-vertical-logo-white-on-orange.svg or airbrake-vertical-logo-white-on-orange.png

Those source files are there for a reason and we trust you enough to give them to you cause we know you won’t mess with them. We’re worried about those bad dudes who will.


Do contact us if there’s anything unclear with the guidelines, our creative team is super cool, you’ll see!

The Airbrake logo, names and Airbrakeman character are all trademarks, so using those for things that don’t have anything to do with Airbrake is not cool. We’ll be super upset.